Welcome to DP IoT Narrowband showcase

DP Iot has all the expertise you need to solve your IoT project from A to Z. Together with partner Dynamic Precision Norge AS we have our own manufacturing plant for development as well as electronic production right here in the Oslo area. Facilitating an IoT LAB and soon also an EMC test LAB.

We cooperate with many telecom providers, and we have tested Narrowband in various countries, based on different technologies. We have thus the development competence and cooperation needed to resolve any issue regarding the implementation of Narrowband for your product. We have deployed many IoT cases using LTE Cat NB1 and LTE Cat M1 for many of our customers.

Our close cooperation with chip manufactureres and distributors

As an EMS partner we already have the close cooperation with many manufacturers of GSM chips, and to name a few of the leading ones: U-blox, Telit, Sierra and Quectel. As development, sourcing and production is our core competence, our job is to select the most suitable parts for your device, and get you the best deals.

Our core competence is to enable fast prototyping, proof of concept, and help ramping up your device for a later higher volume industrial production.


Example of products we have designed and developed from scratch:

This unit is only 40x60 mm and contains GPS, BLE, sensors and NB-IoT in addition to a handful of other technologies. It’s a true multi-purpose BLE/ NB-IOT gateway unit which can serve numerous use cases.

This unit is only 2x2,5 cm and contains Watchdog, Accellerometer,Temp sensor and LTE Cat NB1. Internal GSM antenna, and connection for external antenna. All parts including the CPU is carefully selected to maximize battery life time.

Our Technology expertise

  • Schematic design - we use Orcad and have skilled engineers that can design your products from scratch
  • PCB design - we use Allegro and have high competence regarding radio frequency and complex multilayer design
  • NOTEfied - is our unique Component database
  • Software development, FW for embedded systems - leave all the coding with us for your sensor device.
  • App development, Andriod / iOS / Web - we have the connection and resources.
  • Backbone and server modules for IoT - we offer highly specialized software for narrowband UDP communication with extreme data cashing performance. You can use our server to update (FOTA) the device with control parameters (by downstreaming UDP data), and monitor incoming messages (upstreamed data).

    Easy API for integration with your system. For your piloting (proof of concept), you don't need to establish your own server, our backbone is yours to use free of charge, and you will have your own secure and dedicated web-page for monitoring POC.

  • Product lifecycle management /Oracle Agile PLM

Some technologies we have comprehensive experience with

  • Power units and battery
  • High and Low power LED, drivers, assembly
  • Radio Frequency (RF) design, Antennas and antenna matching
  • GPRS, GSM 5, LTE, Narrowband, eSIM
  • EMC and CE approval
  • Sensors


Tor Martin Falken

Key Account Manager

Phone +47 9206 2764

Email: on.egronpd@fmt